New to android and tablets


Feb 8, 2011
Hi another Noob here, been working in on and around computers for several years. Mainly windows but recently playing with ubuntu. Like the idea of open source and out of the standard windows enviroment. I have been looking at the small form factor tablets since the ipad came out. I have two tablet PC's an IBM x41 (personal) with a 120G SDD running windows 7, and a dell XT(work) still on XP. In my current position at work I am always taking notes at meetings (endless) and don't care to lug around the bulky dell around the plant floor all day. What I have been looking for is a nice 8-10 inch android tablet (to go with my EVO from Sprint) to take note and keep copies of my running projects on. Would be nice if there was an app to deal with my MS office one note files. Anyway something to take notes and file on that has some battery life and is multitouch. So I am here in the forums to learn before I buy. Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.