New to just about everything.


Oct 23, 2011
I started with a Vic-20 computer thirty years ago and upgraded every four or five years but didn't get a cell until 2004. Now I've decided it's time for a tablet. Can't stand Window's plans for consumers and consider Apple's ideas to be only slightly better so Android seems like the path for me. Looking for pros, cons and customer reviews.


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Mar 24, 2011
Hi Neondog, welcome to the forum. Nice to have you here with us at Android tablets. You've come to the right place for pros, cons, customer reviews and much more. Since you don't already have a tablet, I'd suggest you click on this link to the Android Tablet Discussions section of the forum. When you get there, look through the threads that are already posted there to sort of get a feel for what's available in the way of tablets and what you want in a tablet. If you have any questions regarding the discussion in a particular thread, post a question in that thread. If something occurs to you that's not related to an existing thread, start a new thread in that section. Have fun out there.:)