New To Tablet PC-Question About Apad GPS Tablet E900 iRobot


Aug 9, 2010

We purchased this Tablet PC to develop some tablet computing applications. The Tablet
is the Apad GPS Tablet E900 iRobot. Now this particular device comes with Windows CE.
We are open to using the Android platform.

My main question is the following:

We purchased this on eBay and have had a problem with it. It initially worked, but now since turning it on, there is no WiFi signal anymore. I am going to actually have it in my
hands here in a few hours so I should be able to test/troubleshoot it.

Has anybody else had this problem and found a fix for it? Also the right/left scrolling through the icons has been reportedly found not to work either. Is there a solution for this one?

In general are people pretty happy with this Tablet PC? Is there any way that Android can be put onto this device? I am more familiar with Windows PC (WinXP, not too much CE) programming using .NET 2.X. How does the programming under Android compare to that of Visual Studio .NET for tablets? Any comments are appreciated here.

Thanks much!

Apad GPS Tablet E900 iRobot



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Jun 30, 2010
Welcome to the forums, sorry but i dont have an answer to your main question as i have never used wince but i am very happy with all the android tablets i have owned and the experience is different from windows to android but thats a given.