New To Tablets Part Of Internal Memory Disappeared?


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Jul 10, 2016
Hi all hope someone can help out on this.
I'm very new to tablets, I' recently bought myself one see Ebay UK item number 401065013563 Running Android Lollipot 5.1. Storage Capacity:32GB(16GB+16GB Built in TF Card)
I wanted to transfer some woodcarving tuition videos in MP4 format. Was about 13Gb I transferred from my laptop to the tablet. I didn't realize it was running on the battery not mains power. When I checked the individual folders I found that 10 out of 40 folders the contents hadn't transferred. The tablet was down to 3% battery power. I switched tablet to the mains.
I then copied the content on the laptop of each folder that didn't come through on the tablet. This was a bit long winded. So I deleted the faulty folders on the tablet. Copied the original folders on the laptop and pasted into the other tuition videos folder in the tablet.
The tablet had 2 internal sections of memory. Using ES file explorer the 2nd one containing all the videos seems to have disappeared nor is it showing in the laptops my computer list.
Only one single tablets storage area shows up
I've tried rebooting the tablet no change.
Help please :)