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Dec 18, 2011

Thanks in advance for help with understanding Android world and use of Archos tablet- 101 8 gb.

Mostly, I'm alarmed at the moment by reports of increasing malware on mobile devices, and specifically the use of third party app markets. Apparently I can't go directly to android market, my device prompts me to accept sole responsibility for damage caused by going with third party stuff, and the tech support at Archos just says basically everyone just downloads the apps anyway.
I suggested they try to identify for the user which apps are sourced from the Android Market, so you don't have to go through the process and waste your time to find out later you have to change your settings (and become more vulnerable?).


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Mar 24, 2011
Hi Liketoknow, welcome to the forum. Nice to have you as a member of Android Tablets and congratulations on your new tablet. For anything you need regarding your tablet, just click this link to the Archos Tablets forum. Regarding your concerns about malware, there are many discussions on the forum about malware. Briefly, if you get your apps from the library pre-installed on your Archos or a reputable source such as the Android Market or Amazon, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If you want to learn more, just do a search of the forum for "malware" or "virus" and you'll get lots of hits. Use the forum search box in the upper right corner of any forum page. A good thread to start with would be which brings together a lot of information on the subject. There are also free anti-malware apps available, if you'd feel more comfortable with something like that.