No Android Tablet Sexy Enough


Jun 29, 2010
I don't believe there is still anything interesting out there (as a Mobile Operator) to put our marketing and compete against IPad
What do you think? Only maybe Dell Streak will have the brand power and a good device but I believe 5'' is too small
I did run around with the Huawei s7 which is in my opinion one of the best android devices around and I could not capture the excitement of my commercial organization (and the price point was too high)

Cristobal Alonso


Staff member
Jul 9, 2010
7" is great. I've read about the Huawei S7, but it's just way too expensive right now and clearly needs at least Android 2.2. But it is seems to be an excellent device that just happens to be under-marketed.

Ideally, there needs to be a 7" device with an ARMv7 Cortex A8, with 3G support, GPS, g sensor, and multitouch. The WITSA81 is the closest in terms of hardware specifications, but not only is the quality not there, but the firmware is very far from being consumer ready. MP4Nation has rebranded the product and is committing to some form of development for the device, but I personally do not think that it is going to be astoundingly good.

One big issue is the refusal for manufacturers to implement capacitive touchscreens, because they are fragile and requires real engineering in order to implement. Resistive touchscreens are far more durable and also happen to cost less. The Chinese shanzhai market appeals to the low end market because of their lack of appropriate quality control, and the inability to acquire the proper licensing to be truly legitimate.

Rockchips, VIA, and Telechips are the most popular chipsets in Android tablet implementation today, but none of them are part of the Open Handset Alliance.
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Startups would do well to avoid these chipsets, or they too shall suffer the fate of Augen.

Shenzhen firms consider the TI OMAP chipsets too expensive to implement. Low costs devices such as the WITS A81/A81E are bound to have quality concerns at such a low price point given the cost of the chipset, and actually has had plentiful QC issues in the past.

China firms are not ready to implement Android. There's not only a lack of technical expertise, but also a lack of communication and respect for intellectual rights that hinders development.

I have had a hint of what will be coming for Android in China, but it still has not materialized, and I am not ready to just reveal this rumor I've heard.

But Samsung is rumored to come with a competitive product really soon. There are other chipsets coming as well.