No Video????

Jan 18, 2011
I just got a Cruz tablet as a gift. It's great besides not being able to play any type of video which I find utterly ridiculous, my 2 year old iPod touch could at least play youtube videos. So is there any possibilities of this upgrading to 2.1 or further for flash? Since it is a gift I'm not going to rudely tell the person it blows and I want to return it, I'm mostly just hoping that eventually (even though it's 2011 :confused:), I'll be able to watch/stream videos on it.

EDIT- And now it looks like I have a problem. I tried setting a picture on the internet as my background and then it froze. Now it won't get past the Android sign when I try to turn it on, I've tried resetting it and that's not working. Any help would be appreciated.
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