NOOK HD+ - N2A or AFN As Good As Cyanogenmod? - N2A Vs. AFN


Nov 19, 2010
Okay, so... CM10 Vs. AFN Vs. N2A?! -

I just got a Nook HD+, sort of an impulse buy after selling a netbook. I have been looking for a nice movie-viewing tablet, and before today I wasn't aware of the new Nexus 7! I would have probably saved the money and added the extra c-note to get the new Nexus, but now that I have the HD+, I am exploring my options.
I am SUPER impressed with the Cyanogenmod I see videos of on YouTube, and I have been told to just get one of the Android SD cards for my Nook. So, for those of you who have experience with these, is the AFN card as good software-wise as the Cyanogenmod, or are they identical? Also, if I do get a card, which is the best buy? AFN or N2A? I see the AFN has much better positive reviews on Amazon. I am considering just saving the cash and rooting it myself to Cyanogen. In this case, where do you recommend I go to get a walkthrough of this root? I prefer YouTube tutorials, as I have had success in rooting devices before with these.

OR, should I just sell this Nook (Like New in Box) and add another hundred bucks to get the Nexus gen 2???


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Mar 24, 2011
Hi slow_mo_panda, I'm moving your thread to the Nook HD Plus (+) Forum where I think you'll have better luck getting a response regarding the use of N2A or AFN with a Nook HD+. Good luck!