Not authenticating for MIFI (Xoom)


Jan 14, 2013
Hello everyone,

I have had my Xoom for over a year with no problems. Recently I bought a Virgin Wireless MIFI and my Xoom lets me choose the network as normal and accepts the password but then it can not authenticate so I have no mifi. How can this be corrected? Virgin Mobile said they can not help me since it works fine on my laptops. Has anyone else encountered this problem? How can I fix it? [I am not the most computer/device expert but I follow directions very well].

Thank you all in advance. ClamBarLover


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Jul 6, 2011
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What is the SSID (network name of the Wireless Network)? If it has any funky characters (like an apostrophe) it will cause issues with Android for some reason. Found this out because the default for the iPhone is "Bob's iPhone" and it will not connect. Remove the apostrophe and it works great.

You may want to try to connect to the MiFi from your laptop (use the Gateway IP address from a command prompt "ipconfig" command) and you should be able to access the settings to change the WiFi name and authentication password. You will probably need an admin account username and password, Virgin should be able to provide that (or a quick google search for your MiFi model number and "password")