Not Downloading Videos


Aug 27, 2012
My tablet is not downloading any videos. It will download pictures no problem, but not videos anywhere, even from the same web site I get the pictures from. There are several links for the videos on this web site for downloading. One for MP4, and one for WMV (I have no clue what these mean...). When I tap the links, my media player opens up and plays the video. But no downloading icon pops up like with downloading pictures. I checked everywhere in my File Manager, even under the Downloads folder, and none of them are there at all.

Where are these videos going on my tablet, if even downloading at all.

Is my media player affecting this at all? I use the MX Player because I thought it was good. Someone pleasehelp.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
It sounds like they are streaming. If so they aren't going to appear on your device anywhere. Possibly a change to a different browser would allow you to download as opposed to open.