Nothing but Problems with the Media Tablet Powered by Android


Feb 9, 2011
I received a brand new Media Tablet for Christmas from my fiancee. He thought it would be a great idea because you can download the e-reader app and then I could have the Internet and my books at the tip of my fingers. The only problem...I CANNOT download ANY apps! The Media Tablet comes with a default e-mail address built in to it and when you try to download any apps it asks you to enter your e-mail address and password. When you try to enter your own e-mail address, it WILL NOT let you backspace out of the default e-mail address that is already in the tablet. I can add letters and numbers to the address that's already there, but can't backspace to put in my info. And of course they don't make it got to enter a password to an e-mail address that is not familiar to you so you don't have the correct password! I am able to receive e-mails on the tablet so it is registered to me, and I can use the apps that come already downloaded on the tablet, but other than that it is completely useless! I called tech support and they couldn't even figure it out! My fiancee bought this Media Tablet when it forst came out so he spent $300 for the company to tell me there's nothing they can do about it! So he has since bought me the Barnes & Noble Nook (which is absolutely AMAZING if you ask me) and spent an additional $300 just for me to be able to do what the Media Tablet said it could have done! That's $600 and the company "can't" do anything about it????? My advice: STEER CLEAR OF THE MEDIA TABLET POWERED BY ANDROID!!!!! It is a rip-off, especially since their own tech support refuses to help you out in any way!


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Jun 30, 2010
well it sounds like someone doesnt do much research. From what you have said it sounds like your fiance bought you a used tablet and the person didnt know how to do a factory reset. So one google to find out how to factory reset your device and then you will be able to type in your own gmail account and password. second there are other ways to download apps then just the market, so really your argument really is an argument dont get me wrong i can understand your frustration, you get something that is supposedly new you expect it to. but there are work arounds for the issue you are having check out