NOVO7 Paladin ICS 4.01 Wireless setup


May 20, 2012
Can anyone help me setup wireless on my new NOVO7 Paladin tablet. I have a weird setup at home. I have cable modem with wired 8-port router (Netgear). Since we ran out of ports and I wanted wireless, one of the ports on the wired router is used for my wireless D-Link router. In order to make my home laptops work on the wireless I have to manually change the IP address for the DNS, since it assigns xxxxxx.100 which is the wireless and the DNS is at xxxxx.1. The wireless network runs at both 2.5 and 5GHz, is WEP, and non-broadcasting. My Android tablet does not see it on 2.5 or 5GHz - doesn't see any wireless at all. On regular computers I have to manually set it up, tell it that it is a non-broadcasting network and manually enter all the info.
Is there any way to make my table run off this network? Because I work from home one day a week, I have to maintain the wired ether because we're not allowed to use wireless with our laptops and the cable modem only has one "out" and I guess I could split the cable but that seems like it would lead to problems too (the unintended consequence kind).
I know this is complex - way over my head for sure!