NVIDIA Confirms HTC-made Nexus 9 Tablet In Legal Filing


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Jan 5, 2011

NVIDIA let slip some news which might rankle the feathers of Google and HTC. In a legal document regarding NVIDIA's legal fight against Qualcomm and Samsung regarding GPU technology patents, NVIDIA outed the Nexus 9 tablet and also confirmed it to be an HTC device.


The document is quite long, so we took the liberty of showing you the section pertaining to the leaked intel. It clearly names the HTC Nexus 9 tablet. This also confirms previous rumors suggesting the tab will be powered by NVIDIA's Tegra K1 chipset, since it is specifically named as part of the Nexus 9 in the legal doc.

This intel makes us even more excited for Google's big Android L announcement in October!

Source: Brightsideofnews and NVIDIA Legal Doc