NVIDIA Shield Android TV Gets 3.2 Update with Plex Server, Netflix HDR and More


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Jan 5, 2011

Just as we shared a few weeks ago, NVIDIA was working on a big update for their Shield Android TV console. The 3.2 update started rolling out today and it includes a number of cool new features. The biggest new doodad is the Plex media server support, although there are quite a few other nifty gizmo add-ons as well. here's a summary of several of them:

  • Netflix in HDR
  • YouTube 4K in 60fps
  • VUDU in 4K
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Option to turn off your TV when SHIELD goes to sleep
  • Mounting of a network attached storage device (NAS)
  • Accessibility of SHIELD folders from network PCs with drag-and-drop sharing (Settings>Storage & reset>Access SHIELD folders on PC)
  • Picture improvements to RGB TVs
  • Latest Android security patch
For all the details, here's a link to NVIDIA's update release notes: NVIDIA Support