NVIDIA's Shield Tablet LTE Model On Sale and Getting Great Reviews


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Jan 5, 2011

Although the 8-inch NVIDIA Shield Tablet (both the WiFi and LTE versions) bills itself as a gaming-focused Android tablet, that doesn't mean folks who have no interest in gaming should overlook it. The tablet has been receiving glowing praise across the web for its stellar performance and solid build quality.

Folks have been genuinely impressed with its versatility on top of its power and ease of use. This new product from NVIDIA looks to be one of their first big hits since the original Nexus 7 tablet from a few years ago, only this one comes straight from the company. Not only is it fast and useful, but it is also affordable relative to its hardware. The WiFi only version is just $299 and the LTE edition is $399 (assuming you don't get it through an LTE contract with a carrier, which could save you $100 bucks).

Here are a few links where you can pick up the LTE version:
If you are a proud owner of this tab, please sound off and let us know what you think of it.