odd filesystem behavior


Jul 21, 2012
I have a microSD card installed. It shows up as "external-sdcard" in oi file manager . I click on that, and it pulls up the contents. I click on one folder where I have a homemade ebook (just a collection of digital camera scans of an old textbook), and I click on the first file/page, and after Android goes through it's goofy acrobatics, I see the set of pages displayed in front of me. I swipe to the right, and you'd think I'd get the next file/set of pages, which is numbered one higher then the first file (DSCN0001...DSCN0002). But instead I get some other set of pages, or in other words not the next succeeding set. Is this an android issue or a Zepad issue?
Can anyone recommend a different picture viewed. Hopefully one who's operation makes more send, and preferably one w/more features, but less nonsense (like fading in a blurry picture, which you have to wait for, then clears the picture). I personally don't need the bologna bells and whistles.


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Jul 6, 2011
Are they opening with the Gallery app?

If so, it shows them in date order, recent first.

Check out the QuickPic app as you can change the display order.