Old Hand at IT, But New to Android Kit


Oct 24, 2013
Hello to all the good people of AndroidTablets.net. :D

I'm Morgan, from Hertfordshire (UK). I've worked in IT for the last 20 years, but have precious little experience of Android kit, which is a gap in my knowledge I am hoping to plug with my latest purchase (a cheap and cheerful Allwinner A13-MID 7" capacitive touch Android 4.0.4 ICS tablet) and with the help of the knowledge available on this fine forum. :cool:

I've already had a good play with the device, which (for the price) has impressed me, but now I'm hungry for more. I am using this, my first tablet, as the "tester" for a potential future purchase... I rather have my eye on an Asus Transformer TF700, but that's in the future, so we'll see. ;)

Anyway, I think I might need to "root" my Allwinner A13-MID. *goes off to use the forum search facility* :p

Cheers folks, look forward to seeing you on the forum.



Oct 24, 2013
Anyway, I think I might need to "root" my Allwinner A13-MID.

In case anyone finds themselves looking for a beginners guide on how to root their Android device, I can wholeheartedly recommend the following article, by Chris Hoffman.

How to Root Your Android Device & Why You Might Want To

I followed it to the letter, and it worked perfectly for my Allwinner A13-MID tablet.

Hope this information proves of use to others. :cool:


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Dec 12, 2012
Each tablet has its own rooting requirements, so I'm also glad to hear that Hoffman's instructions worked for you. You really have to be careful when following them, because they won't work for everyone. It's easy to get stuck. What's next? Are you going to flash a new ROM or just install apps that require root.


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Mar 24, 2011
Hello Morgan,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new Allwinner A13 tablet. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets, and nice to see you making progress with your tablet and helping others already.

To get started, I'd suggest you click this link to the Android Tablet Q&A section. Read the "Sticky:" threads at the beginning for some good general information about tablets and Android.

Enjoy your tablet and the forum!