One confused shopper in need of help!


Jan 18, 2011
I saw the sticky for purchasing new tablets, so my apologies as I am looking for help.

I am in need of a 7" tablet that I can use mostly to read eBooks. I strongly would like to use the Kindle app, as I already have Kindle purchases. I know most of these tablets come with a built in marketplace, but I am also aware not all of them are Google's which is what I would like. I have found it to be difficult in finding out if particular devices can even support the marketplace. I don't need a camera or 3G(though I wouldn't mind 3G) I just need something that I know can run the Kindle App, whether it be out of the box or require a small amount of rooting, or some form of installation. I am not sure as to how to install apps without getting them from the marketplace which is where some of my confusion comes in.

I also would like an app to read comic books, and I know there are apps in the market to let you do so. This is an important feature as it is a primary reason for me getting a tablet in the first place. Flash isn't necessary, but I am unsure of what tablets even support it. I know it is recommended to get Android 2.1 or 2.2 and wasn't sure if either had Flash, but it would just be a convenience. I'd like to not spend anymore than $200

I have no idea where to even begin. It seems I have rather burnt myself out on viewing so many tablets. I have seen so many devices, m001, Telepad, m002, Apad, Rocktab, I just have gotten lost. Any help would be appreciated.

One thing I do know is I can pick up the Coby Kyros locally and for a great price, because I have a gift card. I could get it for about $75, but I read it needs to be rooted and so varied reviews. I was wondering if anyone would recommend it or at least give me something similar since it's pretty damn close to the specs I want.

Sorry for the long post, let me summarize:

- I can get the Coby Kyros for $75, should I? Is it easy to root or can I at least get Kindle App?
- I need a device that will run the Kindle App and at least some form for Comic viewing app.
- Flash would be a nice bonus, but I don't know what tabs even support it.
- Screen Size 7" (No Smaller, No Bigger)
- It doesn't need to be amazingly fast, just let me turn a page and get to apps.
- Already installed Google marketplace or easily installed Google marketplace.
- Camera and 3G aren't necessary.
- Would like a battery to at least last 3hrs.

Thank you for putting up with me I am really sorry if I should have posted this in the sticky!