Oops! Did I just jack my SD Card? :-(


Apr 20, 2011
Great forum! This is one of my first posts. Please excuse my long-winded post. ;)

I recently purchased two of the 7015a tablets, and thanks to this forum, they're both rooted and running Google Marketplace (woot!). In fact, it was because of this forum's posts on getting the Google Marketplace installed on them that I bought them in the first place.

One, once I finish configuring it, will be for my kids (6 months, 3.5 yrs., and 11.5yrs.) to use. I might play with it from time to time, but I have an Android phone and a plethora of computers, so I think I'll be good there...

The second one is intended to send to my niece. She has no access to internet or a computer, but has schoolwork that she'll need to be doing (she's 8). My plan is to include an offline copy of Wikipedia (WikiDroyd), along with a few other productivity and educational apps, but have backed myself into a corner. :eek:

To get the 'Full (English)' version of WikiDroyd's Wikipedia DB Offline, it will take about 6gb of memory. I have a 16GB MicroSD card. However, the WikiDroyd program will only look at the available NAND memory, likely due to how the NAND memory is mounted by the Kyros.

So, I figured, maybe I could find a 2.2-based ROM that would simply allow me to move the applications to my SD card like my phone does. Alas, there was no viable solution there, for me at least. :(

Then, I figured, okay... Let's try the old 2.1 Links2SD solution. MAYBE that will work. Part of what they talked about was formatting the SD card.

I remembered seeing a Format SD card option in the ClockWork Mod recovery screen, so I figured I'd give it a try. I selected the highest option for the storage and the swap.

Now, neither my Kyros nor my PC (via a Micro->SD adapter) will recognize my SD card at all. Even under the Windows Disk Management Console... :eek:

Where do I go from here? For the most part, I'm strictly a Windows and Android guy...

Thanks in advance!

Edit: So, I just tried putting the SD card into my XP machine (rather than Windows 7), and it recognized it (along with the extra partitions) under DMC! Woot. I removed all partitions, and reformatted it as one whole partition Fat32, and stuck it in the Kyros, and *bam*, now I have a functional SD card again!
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