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How do I enter contacts on my computer, but NOT have them show up on my Android tablet or phone?
There are a few contacts that I want to see when using my computer, but I don't need them on my tablet or phone & vice-versa.

1. When I'm using my desktop computer, I access Gmail through my browser (IE 11) & can access my Google Contacts through there.

2. When I'm using my tablet (Samsung Tab A 10.5"; SM-T580), I access Gmail through Google's Gmail App. But the Google Contacts App is not installed. To see my contacts, I go into the Samsung folder & open a Contacts App from there.

3. When I'm using my phone (LG K20 V; VS501), I access Gmail through Google's Gmail App. But I access my contacts through the Phone App.

I don't want to turn off auto sync, I just don't need some contacts that are on my computer carried over to my tablet or phone. Right now, there are a few contacts on my tablet that are not on my phone or computer & some other contacts on my phone that are not on my tablet or computer; but all on my computer ARE on both my phone & tablet.