Orion 102 Firmware With Android 5 Or Better ?


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Jan 5, 2019
Hi !

I have Orion 102 tablet from GoClever.
Original android version from tablet 4.2
Upgrade to android 4.4.2
It's possible to upgrade to android 5 or newer version of android this tablet ?

From where find new version of rom compatible with this devices ?

GoClever not have suport only with android 4.4.

This is official website for support of this tablet: ORION 102
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Jun 16, 2012
If the manufacturer doesn't release an Android 5.x ROM, and it appears they have no intention of doing so, your only option to upgrade to Android 5 or later is through a custom ROM. Since your device is virtually unknown, it's unlikely anyone will have created a custom ROM for it.

Romanian (courtesy of Google Translate)
Dacă producătorul nu lansează o versiune Android 5.x ROM și se pare că nu intenționează să facă acest lucru, singura dvs. opțiune de upgrade la Android 5 sau o versiune ulterioară este printr-un ROM personalizat. Întrucât dispozitivul dvs. este practic necunoscut, este puțin probabil că cineva va fi creat un ROM personalizat pentru acesta.