Overheating M701-R


Nov 8, 2010
I pulled my tablet out last night and had it charge up for about an hour (it was dead). I turned it off and went to watch a movie...mid-movie, I decided to update my apps via the marketplace, so I turned it back on and downloaded 5-6 updates...I hold mine where the back button is to the right, so SD slot and everything is to the right...my hand got near the SD slot and the card was scalding hot...the case was pretty warm in that area too...I'm not running apps2sd, and I wasn't doing anything with the SD card...has anyone else noticed this?


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Jul 9, 2010
This can happen for TCC8902. You could try using SetCPU to force some lower clock speeds, or by turning off wifi when it is not necessary.


Nov 22, 2010
I've been thinking about your problem description, and after some reflection it occurs to me that many devices that use wifi will tend to run warm.
Memory card reader hardware ALSO tends to run warm as well!

If either the antenna or the cable has any flaws or if the antenna was improperly installed, it can result in the wifi hardware running warmer. This is because of the extremely high radio frequencies being used and the low cost hardware employed.

The wifi hardware and card slot are close to each other, so the high heat could be either, or, or BOTH!

You can try running a movie or video from your memory card in your home computer to see if the card itself is running warm, and of course turning off wifi with or without a memory card installed will give you an idea as well.

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Jan 8, 2011
I had a similar situation. I found the top right getting really hot. I pulled out the sdcard after powering off and it was burning hot!

  • Tried it in the android again, and it was not recognised.
  • I tried the sdcard in my computer and other devices, but it would not be recognised.
  • Other sdcards worked in the android.
So, I put it down to a faulty sdcard causing the overheating. It is now smashed to pieces!

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Nov 8, 2010
I used a much simpler approach...I took it out and it's sitting on my entertainment center lol...I really don't listen to music on it, and even if I choose to, I wouldn't put so much on there that the onboard memory wouldn't suffice...I chalk it up to one of those "you get what you pay for" scenarios that I'm willing to live with given the rest of the tablet's functionality. Just struck me as odd that this NEVER happened even under intensive use when I first got it (on the original firmware)...don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the latest ROM, I'm not sure how software could affect hardware in that way, but all the same, it has plenty of onboard memory for me.