Pandigital Nova Mini-review - TabletConnect First Impression


Senior Member
Aug 4, 2010
Although we have not fully tested the Pandigital Nova, I did spend some time with one. Here is my conclusion:

Overall, I was not impressed with the device in the limited time that I used it. With a poor looking screen, very apparent plastic body and very slow typing responsiveness, it would be tough to recommend the Nova even at $170 to individuals considering a tablet. However I will say this (although many may not agree), I would actually recommend this tablet if you are considering buying one for your teen or even younger child. Unless you have money and do not mind giving a teen a $500 tablet, this would be the perfect "first tablet" that your child/teen can use. The same way that you do not buy (or at least most people) a teen a brand new car as their first car, this tablet would be ideal as a "first tablet". $170 is a good price if you are looking to spend the least amount of money. Of course, our recommendation in the lower price range is the Nook Color but at $250, in this economy, that may still be a little high for some people.

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