PDN Multimedia question


Dec 29, 2010
Thanks to all the folks here doing such AWESOME things with these devices. It was largely due to your posts and recommendations that I was influenced to get the Pandigital Novel e-Reader for my wife. I would really like to perform some of the mods/roots y'all are offering, but I'm not sure if hers will accept the flashes without bricking it (which would absolutely RUIN my "love life"!!).

She has (from BestBuy) the Pandigital Novel Multimedia e-Reader model PRD07T20WBL1.
The system info says:
Hardware platform: RD101-2GB-W
Platform software: AN15-08-18-2010-7D
Application package : BN01-08-18-2010-7D
She mostly wants to install some games and things and I'm not quite sure how to go about it without modding or rooting the firmware first. (Or even where to FIND them, but I'm sure I can research that!)

Thanks in advance for your advice!


Nov 25, 2010
It seems that color is the key to what unit will do what. The white PD is the most versatile thus far. You can update it possibly, depending on what you have. Go to the Pandigital website and see if there isn't a newer firmware. From the numbers you list you are using an older firmware. There is also an open platform that is more like an android system on a phone. It works well on the white units.

You can go to slatedroid.com and find much information and several possibilities, but be careful you are reading about your color :)


Jun 7, 2012
Mine is a black one by hardware and model, but ever since I installed jackbox firmware or some other hacked firmware which I cannot remember, almost nothing works anymore!!! I can't install much at all... It will just say "application not installed" about a lot of things I try to install... And it also is white firmware, wierd huh?