phoenix casiatab 8" brick


Jun 4, 2012
Hi did not know where to put this, I put here that is supposed to mid8024.
I press the power button and it won't stay on, so I have to hold it down to keep it going, but even then, only the soft button key lights turn on, stay on about 7 seconds then shut off again. I get no recovery menu, the LCD itself doesn't even turn on. I tried some of the tutorials posted about reviving from a "Hard" brick but even those have not helped. If I connect to PC via USB I get, new hardware found S5PC110 tablet sec B / D but can not find the driver. gracias espero puedan ayudarme saludos. Sorry for my English.

I got the original firmware in the SD mib8024 external rip into recovery mode but the screen remains blank and nothing comes out??
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