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Oct 17, 2012
Getlovely Heartphotoswith beautiful Weddingwallpapers!

LikePicSpeed, Photos & wallpapers brings you 300.000+ great and highresolution photos and wallpapers to your Android devices.

Includesmany categories such as:
HeartWallpapers,WeddingWallpapers,Love Wallpapers, Food Wallpapers, Loving Couple Wallpapers, LandscapeWallpapers, Quote Wallpapers, Artistic Wallpapers


*In this app we offer these features :
- Concise and easy UI tobrowse over 300.000+ photos and wallpaper (Beautiful, Black,Colorful, HDR)
- Save the photo
- Set photo as wallpaper
-Update photos & wallpapers to your phones every week withoutupdated version. Our system will send updates to your phonetransparently.
- Photos & wallpapers can be shared withfriends via Facebook, Twitter, email, text messages and so on
-Amazing and fast user interface

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*Upcoming features :

- A report a problem/feedback form
- Searchcategories
- Photos & wallpapers can be set as icons ofcontact list.

Howto use :
- Press Menu button, choose Save to save the photo(wallpaper) to sdcard. For example : Go to
WeddingPhotos& Wallpapers, go to 1 - 400, click on 1 weddingphotothumbnail. Tap Menu to save the photo.
- Press Menu button, chooseShare to share the photo (wallpaper). Depending on what program youhave installed on the device, you can share with services likefacebook or twitter.
For example : Go to
HeartPhotos& HeartWallpapers,go to 1 - 400, click on 1 weddingphotothumbnail. Tap Menu to share the photo.
- Set as wallpaper. Isuggest save image to sdcard and use the set as wallpaper function inGallery/Picture rather than use that function in this app.
Forexample : Go to Loving couples Photos & Wallpapers, go to 1 -400, click on any of the
weddingphotos.Tap Menu to set the photo as Wallpaper.
Ourapp is the best app of wallpapers type in the market, we offer thebest collection with many great photos. And because we have manycategories, many photos
so please be noted that : the fasterinternet connection you have, the faster wallpapers load.

Anddon't getbotheredif your app is updated weekly. We always try to bring more and morecategories to you.

Currentlywe have many categories:
Night,Motor, Nature, Portrait, Travel, Cat Photos & Wallpapers.
Beach,Abstract, Animal.
Dog, Baby, Weather, Anime.
Graffiti,Handmade, Sport, Flower Photos & Wallpapers.
Bird, Mountain,Friendship, Sunrise, Sunset , Tree, City, Chocolate, Cute

Butwe always try to add more wallpapers to the users.
Getyour cool Photos and Wallpapers on your Android mobile device now,it's free!
ForThai, Indonesian, Vietnamese users: &#3616;&#3634;&#3614;&#3606;&#3656;&#3634;&#3618;&#3649;&#3621;&#3632;&#3616;&#3634;&#3614;&#3614;&#3639;&#3657;&#3609;&#3627;&#3621;&#3633;&#3591;,Gratis Foto dan wallpaper, hinh nen.

Thisapplication is brought to you totally free with the help of searchmonetization. I have opted to use this to be able to keep creatingmore free apps for you. Please note that with this app you willreceive a few search points on your device, all canbeeasily deleted or replaced. Thank you for your understanding.
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