PiPo UpU1 7" Tablet; CWM Recovery Manual Installation Methodology


Jan 4, 2011
There is an awful lot of bad information, partial information and made-up information around the Forums about rooting and use of CWM Recovery on various tablets.

Therefore, since I am very interested in the PiPo UpU1 7" Tablet (and I cannot seem to find a native recovery mode on the PiPO U1); I have done the research to try and put out "Good information" starting with how to install and use CWM Recovery v5.5.0.4. Here's how to do it:

Download Pipo U1 CWMRecovery_5.5.0.4.rar, from wherever you find it. I got mine Here.

NOTE: Remove any "external_sd" card from your tablet.

1) Extract the CWM Recovery folder to the desktop of your Windows PC. Then, launch the "RKAndroidTool.exe" file.

2) Turn your tablet "Off" and connect it to the Windows PC with a USB cable while keeping the "Volume+" button pressed down. If you have the drivers installed on the PC, the tablet will be recognized by the RK Android Tool, otherwise you'll have to install drivers from the "drivers" subfolder.

3) Select the "Flash ROM" button and then wait. When the CWM install finishes, the tablet will automatically reboot to CWM recovery.

4) You can use the "Volume" rocker button to move up/down the menu and the "Power" button to select a CWM Recovery menu choice.

5) Try to do a backup as a test. Insert a FAT32 formatted 16GB or 32GB MicroSD card into the tablet. If you don't have an "external_sd" to install in the tablet be sure you choose the option to backup to the "internal storage".

6) When you have finished with CWM you can select "Reboot system now".

How to Boot the PiPo UpU1 into CWM Recovery Mode

1) Turn tablet completely off, and wait 15-20 seconds to ensure its 100% off.

2) Press "Volume+" and "ESC" together, and without letting go, press "Power" button.

3) Keep "Power" pressed until the tablet turns on; then release the "Power" button (but keep "Volume+" and "ESC" pressed down).

4) You will see CWM Recovery text in the top left corner of the screen. When you see this, let go of the "Volume+" and "ESC" buttons.

If you see the normal boot screen, you did'nt get the button combination correct. Turn tablet completely off, and try again. If instead of CWM you see an Android with an exclamation point sign, then CWM is not installed or not installed properly on your system. Try again.

Now, I need to find some "Good Information" on how to "Root" the PiPo UpU1...