pleas help , my tablet dead after wrong flash


Jun 19, 2011
dear all
pleas help me i try to install new firmware on my tablet , and after it finish and restart the screen go blank and nothing happened ,

so when i press power on, the LED go to green and nothing appear on screen , so i cannot reinstall another firmware ...

i tried to put new firmware on sdcard and insert it on the tablet , and press reset button to shut-down my tablet and then press power button . the led go green and nothing appear on screen .!!!!

pleas help me, how i can return life to my tablet ???

My tablet Specs:
LED green (when charging RED)
vibrate when powered on
Wintouch winpad C07

Jan 31, 2012
i have one to a flytouch 3 android 2. 2 a it is stop working it has a black screen after it starts. i have made all combinations of buttons to reset it but with no result . can any one can halp me find a new software for it my model is a flytouch 3 superpad 3 8G, android 2.2 ( it is new from china ), that s all i know of it. if some one has an anser at this problem please contact me on email at :
i dont know what type of firmware to instal on it .
i have try to instal 2 types of firmware but with no resul.
proble : it starts and after makes a noise and it is active but has a black screnn . ( the light is set at 0 ? )