Please Help!!! Android Tablet


Jun 7, 2011
Hi, I have google android 2.1 tablet, I've install apps, music, pictures, and things of that nature on my tablet. So today, I went to turn it on and the screen flashed different colors (white, orange, green and blue). I repeatedly tried resetting it. I even shook it up and down (I didn't hear anything, so I'm assuming that nothing is loose). I then took out the mini sd card, and then the red recharging light came on, and then I tried to turn it on, it did the same thing. Then I plugged it into the charger and now then I turn it on it the screen lightens(if that makes sense) and it vibrates (At least it stop flashing colors). It kinda remains me of a fried motherboard on the computer(lol), the tablet won't load even when it's connected to the charger, it doesn't even seem like its charging. Every time, I turn it on the red light turns on and it vibrates, then it turns off. I know I should be able to use it while its charging. ugh!!!

What do I do now?


May 13, 2011
I don't have any experience with this particular tablet, but, reading the reviews on it, sounds like hardware defects are a common issue. I would try returning or exchanging it, if possible. Otherwise, unless someone has a better idea for you, you may be out of luck. Sorry :(


Senior Member
Jun 10, 2011
Try running the battery completely flat. Then recharge it. This fixed issues on one of the forums.

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