Please help me with this stupid tablet! WM8650

May 15, 2012
I just got this WM8650 Tablet with Android 2.2 Froyo. It's the one from China for like $80, so I don't expect it to be super great, but there are some HUGE flaws.

The Android Market (which I've read isn't even the real market) is super limited - I can't even get the Bank of America mobile banking app (and several others that I want).
So I went to Google Play to download from there. Every single app I tried said that my device was incompatible with the app. :confused:

So then I decided to download Applanet so I could get more apps. I went to the site on my tablet and it only had a PC download or a QR code scan.
Well, I decided I would scan the QR code, but I needed a QR reader app first. Went to the market and there are NO QR code reader apps.:(
So I downloaded from my [so called] "Android Market" AppBrain and when I try to download something from that it says "Not Found. The requested item could not be found" :mad:

Ok, so now I'm just getting pissed off. NOTHING works on this stupid thing.

I have read something about doing a "root" or "MOD" - don't exactly know what those do or if they will help!
Someone, PLEASE tell me what I can do.
Can I update the OS to a newer version?
Can I get the REAL Android Market?
Can I get access to other app stores?

Please keep in mind I don't know anything about these things - if you want to give me instructions on how to do something, please try to be basic and not use too much "smart person language" lol.
I don't want to ruin my tablet, so I need instructions to be clear :)

Thanks in advance for any help.


Good to hear! but do come back when you have other questions.


Jun 29, 2012
Greetings, guys! I also own the same tablet, a WM8650 tablet with Froyo. I'd like to root it but doesn't know how. Also, can this kind of a cheap tablet be upgraded? It's soooo slooowww....
Any help for this will be highly appreciated.



Senior Member
Aug 4, 2011
About the best thing you can do is install uberoid. See the link to techknow in my sig, sign up and follow the instructions on installing the new rom. It will make a huge difference in the tablet. Having said that, the best thing I did is buy a Lenovo A1. I paid $129 for a refurb and it is far superior to the WM8650. I personally would suggest selling the WM8650 and buying something that has hardware that can run the apps you want. (Buy a Google tablet for that matter.) You can save a bit of money but what is your time worth? How much is your frustration and blood pressure worth?


Aug 2, 2012
Hi I am having trouble getting my WM8560 to connect to my home wi-fi. It works in town no problem. Can you tell me what I need to do?