Please help out a new user with simple questions! Very appreciated :)


Oct 18, 2010
Hello everyone. I just received my apad e7002 (Hiapad 701) today. It is charging right now. So far, I have noticed that the red LED light went off after 3 hours of charging. Does this mean it is finished already? I wiggled the adapter but the light didn't come back on. I turned it on and it showed a full battery but after five minutes of use, the power bar dropped down 1/4 of the battery. How long do I need to charge this and when will I know its done?

My main concern is if this battery has a memory. Do I need to drain it fully each time or can I charge at any point. Can I use it while it is plugged in and charging?

I also have a couple very simple questions if you don't mind :)

How many apps can I add from the android market without overloading the apad? Can you overload it at all? I have a 4gb card installed if that makes any difference.

Is this apad supposed to come with games because I don't see any installed on mine?

Thanks so much for your help. I have been doing lots of reading on the forum and all the information is very helpful.;)


Aug 24, 2011
Do you know how long you tablet should run on battery?? Depending on the brand, some will only run 3 to 5 hours on battery power. Check your specifications, this will give you some idea of what to expect from your particular model.