Please help someone with Cube U9GT2


May 12, 2012
Only you can measure it physically! And BTW since the Tablet takes 12V and 2Amps there is your reason for it having difficulty with the USB which only gives 5V and, if you're lucky, maybe 0.5 A!

Thanks Jimbo for the info. Are you able to tell me, is it still possible to charge the device via usb. I realise this will take hours and hours. so far 3 hours connected to the pc and still wont switch on. My pc still recognises the device as well.

I guess i will just leave it connected and hopefully after another 5 hours might turn on. haha.

I have also ordered a charger i believe will work.


I think you are in for a long wait! It might possibly have charged by the time the one you ordered arrives! lol.


Hope they send you the correct one! The photo is of the 5V 2A one.

this quote is interesting too, guess you can forget about charging with USB :
"P: Hi Nigel, can a micro usb mains charger be used to charge this tablet instead of the mains charger as this pin is not the best in the world? If so do you sell them please?
R: Hi, it can only charge via the Power Port im afraid. It wont charge via usb. Nigel."

Edit: Looks like it has a positive Tip, At least the 5V one does!
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