Please help!!!


Jan 22, 2011
Sorry if this is in the wrong area! I'm new to this site and I know nothing about the android tablet I just bought off craigslist yesterday and hope I did not get screwed. The issue is it will not turn on all it does is vibrate and flash the droid logo and some text in the bottom right corner and that's it. I charged it all night to no avail no clue as to the make model or where it was purchased. I tried a universal power supply and a 12v car charger with a resistor to convert it to 9v and no luck. Although I did get a green led apposed to only a red one upon pushing the power button with the charger I rigged. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Kevin


Oct 26, 2010
Hi kevin, don't worry, the device seems fine but only the OS seems damaged. Do you see any numbers on the screen while turning it on ? Those numbers are the firmware version which you need to reflash your device, reflashing is just downloading and extracting a file on a microSD card, real easy, then you put the sd card in the device and connect the power, turn it on and it will reflash, at some point the device will tell you to remove the SD card, good luck!