Please someone help me with my android!!!!!


Aug 6, 2012
my android tablet is a Zeki 7 TB728B running on icecream sandwhich 4.0.3 its only been a couple days ago that i got this on sale for $139 but for some reason i was being an idiot and had to delete couple of the file system in the es file manager(dont know why i did it) and as soon as i exit to home screen the tablet boot itself for some reason and when i turn it on it got froze on the the screen loading showing a 'ANDROID' letter. i try to reboot it and press power button but none work. i pretty much try everything to my knowledge that i know to android device and i just switch from IOS to android but now i just dont know what to do anymore oh yea here the wierd part, when its about ran out of battery it does come to the home screen but no apps or so whatever its just pith black on my screen but how ever i could go to the setting and thats pretty much it and i also try to update it using a SD card than reboot but none of that work either for me so if anyone just anyone know how to solve this problem please help me just any advice would be much appreciate thanks for advance!


Jul 16, 2011
If you can get to settings as you said... look for PRIVACY and under that should be the ability to do a software reset that SHOULD restore you to pre-screwup days...

Hope that works for you!


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Oh... just read it again...
Once you get to the black screen try the MENU button and see if that gets access to SETTINGS...
my bad. :D
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Jan 6, 2011
Hi sorry to hear about your problems Of course you realized too late but never delete files that you don't know what they are. You probably need to ry a factory reset you can search "factory reset Zeki 7" and see if you can find the procedure but it usually involves holding the power and vol+ buttons at the same time to power on and then following the prompts that come up.