Ployer Announced Three Dual Core Tablets Plans


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Mar 15, 2012
As a leading Chinese android tablet brand, Ployer has a good reputation in android tablet market. Ployer MOMO11 Bird Edition is one of the best sellers among all Ployer tablets. Recently Ployer announced its three dual core tablets plan.

Ployer MOMO11 Dual Core
Ployer MOMO11 Dual Core will be the first Ployer dual core tablet and it is for users want to watch HD videos and run complicate apps. With 9.7 inch IPS screen/Cortex-A9 architecture/max 1.6GHz frequency/large battery, Ployer MOMO11 Dual Core will sure be a great tablet. Ployer stuff told us that Ployer MOMO11 Dual Core is based on popular Ployer MOMO11 Bird Edition.

Ployer MOMO8 Dual Core
Ployer MOMO8 Dual Core is another exciting dual core tablet, its max 1.6GHz frequency/1080P video/HDMI output/dual HD camera/WiFi/3G are attractive specifications. The greatest difference between Ployer MOMO8 Dual Core and MOMO11 Dual Core is that MOMO8 adopts a 8 inch capacitive screen.

Ployer MOMO7 Dual Core​
Ployer MOMO7 Dual Core will hit the 7 inch dual core market with its competitive 7 inch IPS screen and max 1.6GHz frequency. 7 inch screen offers the user better visual enjoyment and longer batter life. Ployer MOMO7 Dual Core is for you if you are a beginner of android dual core tablet.

The latest source shows all the three dual core tablets will be launched later this June. More details such as GPU, RAM, internal storage and price are not released. Androidinabox will follow up the developments and follow us if you want to know the latest news.