Pls help me identify the tablet to get the rom


Jan 14, 2011
I have purchased this tablet few days back from hongkong.. It does not show any make.. Manufacturer details.. It was having android 1.6 os. I thought to upgrade it.. I downloaded some firmware from net to upgrade it.. but failed and i was not having any idea that i will kill the tablet.. now when i start the tablet it gets stuck at the android logo..I made a mistake by not taking the backup of original rom..

Following are some details of the tablet.
  1. Its a 7inch tablet black in color.
  2. It is having WM8505 processor.
  3. It shows red led while charging and green when its ON.
  4. It vibrates when turn ON.
  5. It came with power adaptor having 9v 1500mA output.
  6. It came with keyboard carry case and USB and RJ45 hub
I have tried all of the following ROM's on the tablet but failed to get it work.. Many of the ROM's got installed successfully but when the tablet was started it got stuck at the android logo.

  1. ROM_MOD_ePAD7a2105
  2. ROM_MOD_ePADv06
  3. 105_wmt2.1.2_20110205-HcH
  4. MID7_88_WMT2.1_20110320-HcH
  5. MID7_2188
  6. xFlytouch256.1.9.88.v4a
  7. xFlytouch.1.9.88.v4
  8. 1.9_88
  9. 5.17.11_HCV13.0_B20_WMT211_by_tipstir
  10. 3.8.11_script_HoneyComb_V7.2.5_212MR_by_tipstir
  11. Eken_m006_Uberoid_88_wmt2.0_20110116-HcH
  12. eken M009
  13. EPAD128.1.988.3k
  14. EPAD256.1.988.3k
Any help or suggestion is appreciated. Please help me to get the tablet work..


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Jan 14, 2011
Here are some internal images of the same tablet.

Its having a WM8505 processor.

Pls help me to get the tablet work.



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