plz help. the more apps i install, the faster battery drains.


Feb 13, 2013
As the title says, The battery drains a lot faster on my nook color after I install some applications.....What seems to be the problem? How can I close the applications? I tried to close them from settings until only DSP Manager, Google Services and Android keyboard AOSP remained active.. but the battery still drains a lot faster than in the state as no application is installed .. I think they run in the background but the settings app is not able to recognize them as running. The problem is that I cant figure out what application consumes so much... I tried to manually uninstall all the applications as if the tablet was just formatted but the battery still drains super fast.... If I remove cache, dalvik cache, wipe data and reinstall the ROM the problem finally disappears. But I dont want to reinstall my rom everytime I see that the battery is starting to drain faster than usual. Do you happen to know something about this problem? I use CM 10 with android 4.1.2. Thank you