Podcast playback and multitasking 101


Feb 28, 2011
Anyone know where I am going wrong.

I want to play podcasts via Google reader and the Engadget android app which I can do fine but while they are playing i want to be able to do other things on my tablet such as surfing the web or running other applications whilst still listening.

Using an Archie 101, when I try to move out of the player it stops the playback.

Any ideas? Since the music player can play in the background I assume Podcast can too.

they are streaming podcasts, not stored locally. Can't figure out how to download them either.



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Aug 6, 2010
Some web things like podcasts may use web services of a browser or the same network ports. I think it is an app conflict as I can run Tunedin for Internet Radio at the same time as using the default browser and Skyfire browser on my 101/16. I have used BeyondPod and browsed at the same time too. I do not use Google Reader so cannot speak to that.
How are you getting out of the Player. Hitting the Home button or Hitting the reverse Arrow button? I have seen some apps close when you hit the Back as it interprets that as a close program.