polaroid pmid701c questions


Senior Member
Apr 11, 2015
i have this Polaroid tablet and it doesn't have Bluetooth, i need Bluetooth for the elm327 obdii adapter i got for my cars. my question is can i get a Bluetooth usb adapter and l plug it into the usb port and then have Bluetooth so my elm327 will then see the tablet? and by having this adapter will the app that requires the table to have Bluetooth then see the adapter plugged into the tablet and work?

i tried to download the app to get the obdii adapter to run but the website says my table does not have Bluetooth so it will not even down load. if i plug find and then plug in a Bluetooth adapter will apps that require Bluetooth see this also and start running? i don't need to wast time getting an adapter and paying for one just to find it fails to work, might as well get a tablet that has Bluetooth in it then. thanks for the help.