Portal Coming to NVIDIA Shield May 12 for $9.99, and Half-Life 2 Teased As Well


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Jan 5, 2011

Fans of the Valve classic Portal who also happen to own the NVIDIA Shield portable Android gaming device will likely be pleased by today's double news story. First, Valve has confirmed that Portal will launch for the Shield on May 12th for a price of just $9.99. For those who haven't heard of Portal, it's a unique game that combines elements of first person shooters with puzzle solving using a device which creates temporary "wormholes" allowing you to access different areas of the game. That's an overly simplified description of what of the most addictive games ever for the PC.

It's exciting to see it coming to Android in its full form. That's not all of the exciting news though. There's an even more classic and famous Valve game that was just teased for the Shield. The above picture of a crowbar with an engraving of the question, "What would Gordon do?" couldn't be anymore obvious to fans of the Half-Life series on the PC than if they hit you over the head with a crowbar. It obviously means Valve has ported Half-Life 2 for the Shield as well.

Both of these games coming to the Shield could help make it even more popular, and will at least give fans of the device hours upon hours of classic gaming goodness.

Source: AndroidAuthority