Prestigio multipad 7 prime


Sep 6, 2013
My mother has one of these tablets, and although it generally seems to work fine, there are a few things that are not quite right,
When connected to WiFi, if you click on Google play from the home page, it says 'no connection Retry', if you go to download a app (ie Avast) through a browser search, when you get to Google play it says 'certificate expired' and even if you click continue the same box keeps coming up stopping you getting on the site.
The third little flaw, is in the top right hand corner, there is, in very small type, a constant changing message, sometimes with a red and green strip through it, the message is about android but is difficult to read.

My mother set the product up from the box and she does get a bit flustered with something new and I can't find any way to change things.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated