Problem with Market install 9740


Jun 28, 2013
Hey all, I got this coby 9740 REALLY cheap yesterday, Had no problem rooting it and installing cmw (thanks to the great guides). When I install the gapps zip within recovery, it doesn't actually install. I get no play store, talk or anything else when the device boots back up. Also installing the play store tweaks zip also found on this site, turned my screen upside down, I was however able to fix that just by removing a line in the build.prop.

My main issues are this, I cannot seem to get the gaaps zip to install. And my home button no longer works...... the home button seems to be a problem with the play store tweaks zip....

2nd issue is silly me did not make a nandroid.... if anyone has a stock nandroid zip they could point me to i would greatly appreciate it.


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Jun 16, 2012
Which tweaks package did you attempt to install? Was it just the tweaks package with the changed build.prop, or did you attempt to install one of the zips with the compatibility and framework tweaks in one file? If the former, you figured out the solution. If the latter, then the source of your issue is both a failure to take precautions before tinkering with your tablet as well as a failure to read the thread my tweaks are found upon.

The thread is quite specific in that the framework tweaks are only supported on the 9742. The compatibility tweaks package should work on most tablets, and as you found out, editing the build.prop and removing the appropriate line is the fix for the 9740. However, while you can get the compatibility tweaks working the framework tweaks are another matter entirely. Since you are replacing framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk with new versions, those new versions may not function correctly, if at all on the 9740. Their installation could be the reason your home button isn't working correctly. The only other possibility is hardware failure.

To install the Google apps package on a 9740, you need to delete several files from /system/app. The reason being that /system on a 9740 is nearly filled up with apps Coby has added to the ROM. The sticky posts provide a link where I provide a list of files that can be deleted. When you have deleted those files, you should be able to successfully install the Google apps.

There are no stock nandroid backups for the 9740. There are system dumps however found in the sticky posts in the Development forum. Since you have CWM installed and the tablet isn't totally bricked, you can restore your tablet using one of them and the instructions Vampirefo provides in his thread on how to restore using a system dump.
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