Problem With Pandigital Novel Black Tablet


Aug 28, 2017
Hello to all at community. I would like to ask help me at the community.

I am new for this. Try to explain my problem

I have a problem with my Pandigital Novel 7 inch black tablet

Hardware version RD101-2GB-W
Firmware S64N_SLST_KOBO_P1_2010_10_28
Kernel Version 2.6.27 Kobo@Android)
Adobe RMSDK:9.1.0

I was try to do the update it and accidentally was uploaded FW from Pandigital Novel 9 inch black to my tablet. Now I can not download any FW to my tablet at all.

I go into bootloader mode (hold power & volume + key for 8-10 seconds.) The update screen appeared and progress bar start and then closed just black screen.

Please help me to find the sollution how to rivive my tablet.

Thank you for your help and advice.


Aug 28, 2017
Hello to everyone. Today it finally happened. I'm hurry up to share good news with everyone. I've found a way to revive my BPDN after upload wrong firmware. The main trick is this: you need to load to the SD card, recovery file, with two different names, and then you will download the file from SD card. Your BPDN will automatically go to recovery mode and your file will be uploaded to the BPDN successfully.

What I did:

1. Take 2GB SD Card

2. Format SD Card to Fat32

3. Download recovery file to the computer http://www.mediafire...2syei45148uzn9c
(special thank you to terminander for recovery file)

4. Rename to polaris_update.dat first time and send to SD Card

5. Rename second time on the computer to S64N_SLST_KOBO_BB_20101104.dat and send to SD Card

6. Finally you will have on SD Card one recovery file with two different names:

1. polaris_update.dat 2. S64N_SLST_KOBO_BB_20101104.dat

7. Turn off your BPDN

8. Insert SD Card into slot BPDN

9. Press power button and volume + at the same time, when you see on screen process , release both button

10. After finish, you can normally to download your regular firmware.

11. It easy if you know how to do and difficult if don’t know. Maybe my experiences will help some on, I’ll be happy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018