Problems With CNM Touchpad 9


Oct 17, 2012

i purchased a cnm touchpad 9 2 days ago, switched on as u do, added my google account, i downloaded 2 apps-facebook and 1 game (coins vs zombies) and trasnfered them both to the 16gb mem card i purchased with the pad, i then downloaded 2 books to read, i did nothing else to the pad and monday evening the pad started to go slow, tell me the diskspace was low, wouldnt let me on any app or browser, and when i touched a key on the keypad it would flash up loads like i was touching multiply keys, all i had done was read my bok all evening, so i checked the storage which was nealry empty, so was confused why it sed low disk space,

so i decided to reset it and start agin this morning, i did exactly the same as i did monday downloaded fb and the 1 game (did re download the books though) and the same has happened hours late, wont let me on any app, or browser and seys disk space low

please help i cant take it back to the shop i got it from and i dont want to be resetting every few days and loosing everything


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Dec 27, 2011
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Best I can tell from your description, if you somehow moved the apps off the internal memory, which technically you can't or should not do, that would cause any number of problems on a tablet.