Problems with Gmail & Play Store - won't connect!


Dec 26, 2012
There must be many people who are having this problem with Tablets ordered directly from Chinese suppliers, it was caused by a change that Google made to their servers a couple of weeks ago.
Have a look at the Pandawill Forum:-
PD20 Google play issues - Page 3

Not an easy 'fix' but maybe ok for some users. this is my alternative though not perfect solution -

How to get Google Play Store Apps onto your PD20 without a Play Store connection. You need access to an Android Smartphone (I use a Samsung Galaxy). On the Smartphone, you need to get an App called MyAppsharer; you then need to load the Apps you need onto the Smartphone using Google Pay as usual. Then open MyAppsharer – you will see the list of .apk App Files – you need to tick each of the Apps you want to put on your PD20, hit ‘Share’ and then send, by Gmail, to your PD20 Gmail account. When the email is in your Inbox, you will see the Apps .apk files as attachments – just open these and install in the normal way. You should now have the Apps you wanted, installed on your PD20! I have aslo used this system to create a Backup folder of Apps on my PC.
If you are having trouble accessing Gmails, try using the Email App on the PD20 (envelope with @) instead of the Gmail App – you can also access on the Google search page, you need to go to the bottom of the page and change from Mobile to Classic view – along the top of the page, you will see Gmail.
Hope that this works for you and still hoping for the Manufacturers to come up with an easy fix!