Probox2 EX and Remote+ Reviewed by CNX Software

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May 4, 2012
Hi all,

There is a review published by CNX software for an in-depth Probox2 EX review.

There is some interesting comments from the reviewers.

During the first 5 hours of test I just found Probox2 EX was amazing: stable, fast, and everything seemed to work. Video playback was also flawless, networking performance outstanding, and the remote/airmouse fun to use. Unfortunately I eventually found its Achielles’ heel when I started playing 3D games, especially Riptide GP2, where the system started to slowdown considerably to manage overheating. The good news here is that the device won’t just overheat and hang or reboot, but will just slow down to cool itself down. In most cases, it’s not a problem, as you may not even notice it, but in games you need real-time rendering it can be.

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I try not to overwhelming the "Pro", you can find out the very details review somehow. It is one of the best android TV player so far as suggested by the reviewers but there would be far more reviews coming up soon from others.

Probox2 also have gained the supports from Neomode (Freaktab) to regular release firmware and ROMs on this device. :) -remote