Probox2 EX Rated by Red Ferret as an Editor's Choice

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May 4, 2012
Probox2 EX is rated by Red Ferret as an Editor's choice.

Probox2 EX can be purchase on Amazon or W2COMP. - at USD 149.99 at USD159.99

Conclusion by the editor is quote as following:

ConclusionThe Probox2 is a really professional piece of kit, and there’s attention to detail everywhere, from the copious amounts of ventilation to ensure the unit stays nicely cool (which it does), to the inclusion of just about every port you’re going to need, from OTG to digital audio. It’s a masterful design, and professionally implemented. The software is also extremely well done, and we couldn’t find fault with the operation of any of the apps or games, and as you can see from our video test above, it handles games, browsing and apps beautifully.

The only thing we found a bit tricky was setting up the Remote+ for games, we couldn’t get the tilt option to work at all, but we know that this kind of stuff really depends on the game makers too, so we weren’t too surprised. It would be nice if the Probox2 people put up a more comprehensive guide as to compatibility with the Remote+ controller, so we can see how to make sure it works properly, and with which apps and games.
But overall this is a great product, and one we can heartily recommend for anyone looking for a solid performer to attach to their TV. It’s also one of the first Android TV boxes we’ve tested which actually managed to run Miracast properly (i.e. streaming content from a smartphone to the TV wirelessly), which is enough to impress us mightily. It’s not the cheapest TV box on the market, but it’s definitely one which should deliver long hours of entertainment pleasure when it counts. Recommended.