Proscan PLT1066 Camera


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Nov 29, 2014
"can't connect to the camera" message...?!!
I bought a Proscan PLT1066 for my elderly mother (will be a Christmas gift). She has a hard time using a computer (mouse) but is able to do OK with my Nexus phone. Thinking a tablet with the Android OS and a bigger screen would be ideal.

I brought the thing home yesterday, opened the package and plugged in the charger to charge the battery.
Today, I powered it on and went through the set up procedure then clicked on the camera icon and got the message.
I performed the "data wipe/reset" procedure.
Rebooted the tablet.
Went through the set up procedure, again.
Clicked on the camera icon and got the message... again!
Is there some way to check to see if the camera is working at all, or how to make the thing work?
Any help would be appreciated!!
(I don't want to have to call Curtis International and speak to someone in India)