Proscan PLT7223G-B using RK2928 not connecting using debugging mode


Feb 25, 2014
I am a new android software developer for a software company and we recently purchased a Proscan PLT7223G-B from "insert wholesale electronics website here", however when trying to connect it to the computer in USB Debugging, the computer fails to download and install the proper drivers. When not in Debug mode, the drivers install and operate just fine. I have tried updating the drivers with Android SDK's Google USB Drivers, but they do not install properly. I have tried doing a factory reset, and still no luck. I am becoming extremely frustrated with this Tablet and distributor as they have provided no assistance through the numerous phone calls and emails i have sent them. So in short what I am looking for is either a way to get this POS to connect in Debug Mode so that I may debug the apps I am developing, OR I am looking for recommendations on a different tablet to purchase that others have had luck with developing apps on either Android Studio or IntelliJ. Running the Emulator through Android Studio or IntelliJ is not an option due to system resources being heavily tasked via other programs...

Thank you in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.


Junior Member
Dec 19, 2014
ADB Driver Installer works to find the correct driver, and Kingo Root rooted it in five minutes or less for me.