Question about Manual Nooter / B&N 1.2


Mar 4, 2011
I had originally autonootered my NC and just wasn't happy with Android 2.1 for various reasons. Since the Autonooter for the B&N 1.2 has not been released yet, I thought I'd go ahead and manual nooter it..

Restored it back to factory 1.1, upgraded to 1.2 and then nootered it. Seems to work fine. That was yesterday. Today all I'm getting is an animation wheere it spells out nook color... And about halfway through spelling out color it starts over.

If I recall, the animation will play until android is finished booting or ready to book, can't remember which. Since I'm seeing the animation over and over, am I stuck in a boot loop?

No matter what I do, I can't break out of the animation loop unless I hold the power button down to shut the unit off. I never get the shutdown prompt. The screen just goes dark. I tried removing the SD card to see if that made a difference it didn't.

BTW, after nootering, I had reformatted the memory card and has successfully used it with App-to-SD...

Any suggestions or other troubleshooting tips/ideas?

To summarize, I think that I'm stuck in a bootloop...

Thanks in advance for your help!